Monday, May 2, 2011


today I am happy/thankful for:

-having the right to vote
-living in a riding where I get to vote directly for Jack Layton!
-rain morning
-over estimation in amount of work by boss
-weeding and being present
-the resiliance of plants
-rhododendron flowering
-getting to realize and feel what being compassionate is like
-boss in good mood
-finding out the lilacs where still there and being able to give them to P
-seeing how happy P was about the lilacs
-triple trampoline action
-the good feelings manifesting because I voted
-good talk (again) with North
-stolen kisses during work hours
-having a good conversation with co-worker
-the sun coming out to play
-finding out we have a very large job to start soon that will take us to the end of the season
-looking down a residential street and seeing a haze of green on the trees!
-getting together a care package
-sharing soup
-getting excited about photo exhibit
-having a dad who will publish a book of our exhibit!!

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