Wednesday, May 18, 2011

kitchen tip

I re-discovered soft boiled eggs today when J asked for a hard boiled egg for breakfast for a protein boost before his registration exam.

I don't like them hard boiled, so I made a soft boiled egg for myself.  ALAS!  We don't own any egg cups!  what is a body to do!?

bagel egg cup!
am I a genius or what?


I meant to tell you *how* to do boiled eggs!

Very gently, tap the bottom (wide end) of the eggs on the counter to 'crack' the will sound like a little click.  you obviously don't want to *break* the egg.  This is where the air sack thing is.  This helps for when the egg expands when it's cooking.  The air gets pushed out, and your egg doesn't leak!  I *think* this helps with peeling too.

Stick your eggs in *cold* water, covered.  Turn on the burner to just before high.  Bring the eggs to a *gentle* rolling boil.  If you like your eggs soft, this is when you take them out.  If you like them hard, *gently* boil for 12 minutes.  This is where you get to experiment on how hard you like them.  I like the yokes runny, but not the whites, so I let the egg sit for a minute in the gentle rolling boil.  I guess that is where you ask for timed eggs.  I like one minute eggs, some like fifteen!  I guess a medium egg is a six minute egg.

how do you like your 'boiled' eggs?


  1. Genius. Definitely. I don't even know how to MAKE a soft boiled egg... <-- that's me!

  2. Brilliant! :D

    I like hard boiled eggs...I don't think I've ever tried a soft boiled one.

  3. so you eat fried eggs over easy? The yolk is nice and runny. mmmmm