Monday, May 23, 2011


only 400 more to go!  WOW

-cool morning
-pancakes and bacon
-knitted moustache (photos SOON)
-too many crakcers
-chocolate milk in my coffee
-the Diva Cup!
-an affectionate Pickle 
-little rain
-lack of ttc collector=free ride (we needed to buy a day pass...we waited i bit, but we had to go)
-deep fried food
-berry cake
-shaded patio
-book shopping
-only buying 2 books
-Leonard Choens poetry
-pizza night
-baby Ethan Hawk and River Phoenix (10 points if you know what movie I'm talking about!)
-more knitting
-being alone
-dish washer
-linen napkins
-new found control

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