Thursday, May 26, 2011


yesterdays thanks

-sleeping well
-nice clients
-remembering to *lean*
-no migrain
-J getting a laptop cord, TP and bringing back *my* library books (best husband ever)
-spinach pie and my first ever chocolate eclair (from a client)
-working alone
-Gyuto monks chanting
-easy day
-new music
-blue jay and cardinal calls
-a trip to the flower shop
-cute french boy in overalls
-fresh asparagus
-finding out I'm eating fairly well, and to eat *better* I need to eat more of some of my favs
-lilly of the vally
-my was her birthday (best mom ever)
-more enlightenment (one drop at a time!)
-praises from boss
-toast soldiers
-more plants for friends
-good acupuncture treatment
-the smell of rain

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