Sunday, May 1, 2011


25 things that made me happy/thankful today:

-up early
-filling my i-pod with amazing instrumental music by Saskia Rao-De Haas / Shubhendra Rao and The Starefires (oh, and CBC podcasts!)
-making a menu for the week
-going shopping at St/ Lawrence Market
- leaning on the bus stop post, facing the sun, eyes closed listening to Saskia's cello
-amazing vibes in the market today
-smiling at strangers
-puppies riding in cars with their heads out the windows
*edit* I was SO tired, I couldn't finish, not for lack of good things...but for double vision!  here are the rest!
- new sunglasses (and work socks!)
-actually doing my task for the day!
-being invited to Psquared for the afternoon and dinner
-gluten free beer
-kali belly rubs
-building a veggie bed
-cips, chocolate and icecream
-seeing forbidden photos...(the ones that don't make in on facebook)
-finding out getting to Psquared is a lot faster than anticipated
-sharing music
-expired film
-finding out that the 120 fits in my OLD kodak camera...wonder if it actually works!?
-talking to J on the phone (he's away at his dads this weekend)
-lasagna gardening
-feeling energised

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