Saturday, May 14, 2011

blogger is back up! and so am I!

501-525 things that made me thankful/happy yesterday!

-no thunderstorm
-warm weather
-short day
-working with a friend who is mature, and not a bigot!
-afternoon delight
-talking to cardinals
-*seeing* the cardinals I was talking to!
-seeing how much has grown in a week. 
-looking forward to when Gayle's cherry tree puts out fruit (so yummy and tart!)
-feeling so content walking onto the ferry.
-spending 3 hours on the Islands
-The Sideshow Cafe
-feeding sparrows
-getting 'attacked' by mallards (who *also* wanted my pretzles and where bold enough to come right at me!)
-laying in a field in the sun
-learning about my camera
-taking myself out for sushi
-being mindful, and knowing even the good will pass, and enjoying my wonderful day to it's fullest extent
-laughing with strangers
-cold wind on the ferry home
-id-ing trees
-giant flock of seaguls
-staying up late and getting up late

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