Monday, May 30, 2011


that was a busy weekend!
Pardon the no posts.

I'm struggling at work. 
Struggling to be in the moment and accept what is...partly because I DON"'T KNOW WHAT IS.
well, what is going on in my bosses brain.  Apparently I  have *way* more responsibility than I gave myself credit for.  And I got ragged on for it today.  and I cried.  Part of me felt like I knew this was coming.  Like I knew I wasn't doing a good enough job. 
I've never had to be this responsible before.  Responsible for other peoples actions. 
It doesn't help when people don't listen.  Or don't do what I ask...I don't know if they are listening or not. 
How do I be a good...supervisor?  How do I have people do what needs to be done without sounding like a bitch. 
I guess first is leading by example and not complaining anymore. 
I tend to act kinda flippant and uncaring so I *don't* seem like a bitch...but that seems to lead people into thinking I don't care, so then they don't care. 
And my boss seems to do things backwards, and we're all getting really tired of it.

I'm trying to live "loving-kindness".  I keep forgetting.

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  1. that's a big growth curve. Learning to be a supervisor without being mean. I've never had to do it. Its a huge growth curve. I find your openness inspiring.