Wednesday, May 11, 2011

uhhh...where was I??

I'm BACK.  feeling much better head no longer hurts!  YAY!

so where was in my 1000 thanks?

so, this is the half way mark!

476-500 thanks!  (+!)

-SPRING IS HERE TO STAY ( my saying that, I bet we're going to have a blizzard now...sorry)
-working with a friend
-fiddleheads!  Fist time eating them...they tasted green and yummy (esp. with the butter and garlic...)
-the surprise of another friend taking the same class as me!
-news that said friend is leaving his job to pursue his interests
-little white butterfly
-cold breeze (I LOVE breezes)
-new tv show,  Game of Thrones
-leftover home made curry. so yum!
-MAIL!  a piece of art, and a thank you card (and a cheque!)
-taking it easy
-getting work done
-chocolate for lunch
-donating $2
-holding the door open
-good talks at work
-Hugs from TRG
-Spicy sausage
-time to grocery shop
-having enough
-Hot baths
-leftovers for lunch again (leftovers are great!)
-more oranges
-kisses from J
-SPRING!  (that's how happy I am about it ok!)

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