Friday, January 13, 2012

feelin' groovy

#1-God help me, I'm on pinterest.  I've already got a whole lot in the Rizo board.  I have a photography, food and crafty board too.  Meanwhile I need to re-organize our bedroom to get it Rizo ready...but who needs to *clean* when a baby is on it's way?  pffttt.  I'm thinking this is a good way to show people the kind of toys/clothes/items we are interested in for Rizo.  there is NO PLASTIC!  YAY!

#2-somehow Simon and Garfunkle's "Feelin' Groovy" got on my i-pod.  I'm so glad it did.  It's our first real snow of the season...this one will least until it' gets to + 10 again next week.  ANYWAY.  I have a mental list of songs that I want/have learned to play on the guitar for my future babies.  This is now on the list and I've spent the last hour learning and playing Feelin' Groovy.  Some other songs on the list are:

Three Little Birds - Bob Marley
Good Day Sunshine- The Beatles (HEY!  spell check knows who The Beatles are!  COOL...and Bob Marley)
Good Morning Starshine - Hair (even though I dislike the musical, I love Serina Ryder's version of it.)

any other 'adult' songs you like to sing to your children?

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