Wednesday, January 4, 2012

it's started

I'm hoping that this blog doesn't turn into baby blog and I can post about other things soon!  but for now, on the the grain of rice.
That's how big it is right now.

The due date is Sept. 3 2012.

We are planning on a midwife, with a hospital birth.  From what I can gather so far, the midwife admits and discharges, and there is no doctor intervention (in general).  The midwife is in charge.  All the midwife clinics I have contacted are associated with a specific hospital.  I'm hoping my mom is going to be my doula. The only problem with that is she is a teacher and starts school a week before my due date!  I've been thinking of people to be a secondary doula.  I *know* I'll want someone else there, partly so J doesn't worry about me if he needs to step out, and also to hold my other hand!  I have a couple people in mind...but the biggest problem will be their jobs.  I'm amazed at how many people, as much as I like them, I would not want at my birthing!

I want someone who is (or can be) quiet, who will sing to/with me, has cool, soft hands, who can deal with J, and can help me stay clam. 

do you wanna do it?


Riverdale midwife group has a birthing centre!  yes please!  I also *really* liked the receptionist.  She was the nicest of them all.

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  1. If you would ever consider me, I'd totally be there ;-p