Saturday, January 14, 2012

tai chi and the art of letting go to be powerful

I've started taking tai chi.  My mom took it at the community centre when I was younger.  and I took a couple classes around 16 or so.  I had been available Tuesday and Thursday mornings when the classes at the Y where on, so I went for it. 

I told my instructors I am pregnant, and they where both kinda bemused as to why I was telling them.  I think mostly because tai chi is so low impact they didn't see why it would matter.  I didn't think it would really, but I just wanted to be sure.  There seems to be some energy work, and I didn't want to work the wrong energy.

It turns out, tai chi is going to be SO GOOD.  I'm learning to balance my pelvis better.  I'm learning to breath.  first step, breath with your movements.  Second step, have your breath move you!  once you know the moves (for example, in out warm up sequence) you can move your hands with your breath, rather than move your hand with your intent.  (is that too weird?  does that make any sense to anyone *not* taking tai chi?)  I talk a lot about mindfulness.  This is a way to be mindful and right now.  It's easy to get caught up in thinking when doing a movement, but when you can allow your breath to take over you can really feel.  I have a feeling I'm going to be doing several types of tai chi walking while in labour.

We also talked about yin and yang.  Yin is soft,Yang is hard. Yin is stillness,Yang is movement. The sun is yang, the moon is yin. Female is Yin, Man is Yang. Yin is Intuitive,Yang is Logical. YET, you absolutely can not have one with out the other.  There is always a flow.  Like the breath.  You (I hope) never stop breathing.  You don't stop at the top of your breath, you just breath out.  The instructor was saying that Yin is impermanence, and Yang is permanence.  Weak and strong.  but what happens to a tree when it stays 'strong', hard, 'manly'?  it breaks, the types of trees that survive longer are the ones that flow, and bend and submit.  I was thinking about labour, and how the force of labour is like Yang, hard, movement, sort of seeming permanent, in the strength of it (does that make *any* sense?), but I need to allow myself to be Yin, I need to be soft, still and intuitive...female, and know that it's not permanent.  Power is not always the hard moving, brightly shining logical man.  Isn't there truth in "behind every great man is a great woman"?  lol. did this become about feminism?!  ha ha.

anywhozzles.  I'm really excited to continue with the tai chi. 
I'm the youngest there by oh...30 years or so.  I'll have a lot of excited Tai Chi ladies rooting me on once I begin to show!  I also wonder about wearing Rizo once he/she is born to tai chi...

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