Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy New Year!

I spent the weekend with Ma (J's mom), Pickle and J.  I finished knitting a sock, finished reading a book and went to bed at 12:03 New Years day.

No pregnancy news yet. 

It seems I vowed not to talk about it, but I'm not sure I can stick to that.  I think I'm going to stay pretty quiet on the Facebook, and stick to talking about it here.  I won't announce the pregnancy posts there either...smrt people will just have to find them on their own...

All this assuming I'm pregnant. 

I'm doing to my first day of work at Starbucks today.  Did I tell you about the whole debakel with my manager job at Knead?  long story short I got fired.  I applied to Starbucks on line, a few days later I got an interview, and a second interview and a job all on the same day! 

perfect timing?  I get to start my job, possibly pregnant, feeling odd, sore and nauseous.  I'll work for 8 months, or less because according to Dr. Internet, if I am pregnant...I'm '5' weeks.  They start counting the first day of your last period.  I guess not everyone can pinpoint the day they conceived.  And really, neither can I.  We 'stopped trying' this cycle.  I *knew* my lizard brain could be fooled.  It was too much pressure for LB to know I was trying, so I told it we had stopped.  I stopped charting and temperature taking.  I did figure out when I might ovulate, but I told LB that it was just keeping track for when we started again.   MWAA HA HA HA.  Well, maybe.

Getting some tests after work. 

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