Saturday, January 7, 2012

not impressed

I'm at 6 weeks(ish) now.
I'm underwhelmed with pregnancy. 


I can't believe there are 34 (ish) more weeks to go! 

I'm feeling annoyed at how much my breasts hurt.  At the fact that I have to eat all the time to stave off queasiness.  That fact I'm tired all the time.  ALL THE TIME.  *grump*

I hope 'they' are right, in that the 2nd trimester is *wonderful*. 

Other not great news is Ma (J's mom) is not pleased.  NY day I was feeling really sick, so I didn't help make dinner.  *She* would have not only made dinner, but scrubbed all the floors and dusted all the nicnaks with a smile.  *She* didn't get sick like that.  (therefore no one can, and if they do they are weak?)

The good news is my mom is dropping everything to come be my doula.  Sare (sister) is super excited to be an aunt, and my dad and SM are excited to be Grandpa Tai and Nanna.

I'm trying to stay positive and trying to get motivated to exercise.  Going to go have a bath then walk to the Y with my camera.  It's +6oC today, and sunny.  Maybe I'll treat myself to a smoothie.

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