Monday, January 9, 2012


I'm forgetting how much about my work situation I've shared. 
In October I started looking for a job to help get though the winter.  I knew EI (employment Insurance) wasn't going to be enough.  I ended up getting hired by Knead Bakery to manage a new cafe.  I broke my finger.  I was able to start at the cafe in the beginning of Nov.  YAY!  right?  woh woh.  wrong.  I GOT FIRED.  not entirely sure why, although I really think the boss is undiagnosed manic depressive.  She fired Sister for stealing food, that, it ends up, was not stolen at all.  Part of me thinks that she did it to make me walk out.  But what ever.  it was for the best.  (on a little tangent, it turns out that she walked away from the lease NYE with out telling the guy she was sub-leasing from...needless to say, she is getting sued)
I applied for one job asap.  I applied on line at Starbucks.  I got an interview.  And an immediate second interview.  And 3 hours later, a job offer.  Score.

I've been feeling at odds about working for Starbucks (again...I worked for them about 10 years ago).  It's a higher than minimum wage job.  After 3 months there are really good benefits.  I get a markout of a pound of coffee (or a box of tea) a week.  There are job descriptions.  There are rules to follow.  I can buy stock, and pay into rrsp, and the company will match it.  If I really wanted, I could transfer to Australia, or Hawaii!

But I feel kinda silly starting a job like this at 32. 

A job is a job.  Paying rent and saving money is good.  I just feel kinda silly.

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  1. you just gave me a good idea. Ima applying to Starbucks. Congrats on being pregnant. I'm happy for you. Arno