Tuesday, January 3, 2012

still no test

I'm waiting to go to Red Tent Sisters for my pregnancy test.  They have paper strips for like, $1.50, as opposed to big plastic sticks for $18+.  They where closed yesterday.  I hardly slept last night!  I kept dreaming about looking at the results!  I never saw them in my dream.

If I *am* pregnant, I've come to the annoying realization that I'm only going to become *more* uncomfortable.  My abdomin already hurts.  Some of my discomfort is IBS.  I think my intestines are a little confused.  Some of it feels somewhat like period cramps...but not quite.  My friend Lannis kindly let me know she walked around for quite a while not doing a test because she figured she was *just* about to get her period.  Turns out it's the uterus growing and the ligaments doing their thing.  My breasts seem to have calmed down some (ie, they don't hurt when I'm just sitting here), but have changed in look.  Not really bigger, but rounder, and veiny. And, after all my families insistence that they didn't have morning sickness...it seems I do.  So far eating isn't a problem.  If I am preg, and it sticks, I have a feeling I'm going to be living on Sha Sha spelt ginger snaps!  I've gotten a lot of tips already.  My biggest problem is going to be making sure I am eating frequently enough at work.  We do generally get a break every 2 hours.  I hope that is enough.

RTS doesn't open until 11, so I'm going back to bed with more chai tea to read and rest. 

Also  It's really cold today!  -15c feels like -26c.  brrrrr.  glad I bough long johns boxing day!  oh, and a new winter coat too!

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