Saturday, April 30, 2011

Baking and laundry on Saturday

So I did my weekly house work list...and Saturday is laundry (that I'm doing with my soap berries!!) and baking.

Today I made granola bars.

Half the batch is oats, and the other half chopped raw almonds, sesame seeds, unsweetened, shredded coconut, raw pumpkin seeds, raw sunflower seeds, chopped 99% cocoa bits (we just happened to have time it will be cocoa nibs!), ground flax seeds, about a cup of maple syrup, a drizzle of oil, a large spoosh of juice, and an egg.

Mixed all together, and baked at 360o oh...for like maybe a half hour?  I took it out when it was brown.  Check when you can start to smell it.  I tend to bake by smell rather than time...yeeeaaa.

OH!  I haven't told  you about my soap nut/berries yet!  I LOVE THEM.  I made liquid from them (follow the directions on the web site.) and used them in the laundry.  love love love.  I didn't use the berries directly because my bag didn't come with a little muslin bag.  The usually do, but I think someone stole it in the store.
My clothes are CLEAN.  and they smell clean.  DO NOT be fooled by the rank smell if you make them into a liquid!  it does not stay on the clothes AT ALL.  the clothes smell really really clean.  We used the liquid in the dish washer too.  They work just fine as well!  SO happy.

I just took my muddy work clothes out of the dryer.  Other than a couple stains from before I wouldn't know they are work clothes.  Seriously impressed.

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