Friday, February 3, 2012

already, more time

I've been off Facebook for a whopping 9 hours.  I was sleeping for 8 of that!  the 'bump in the road' I've already come to is, what do I do with those little thoughts that always go in my status updates?  Like, right now, I was convinced this week was pay week.  It's not.  I had this urge to tell 'someone', say something like "crappit, thought today way pay day...thank goodness EI came through."  No one needs to know that.  It's not something to write a blog post about...(well, unless you are...)

I turned on my computer today because I wanted to check the weather.  I checked my e-mail and "becca reads" to your right.   and, that took all of a minute.  And unless I want to start pinning, or blogging, I'm done for the day!  I like that.

It's 4:51 am.  I have to leave for work in 10 minutes.  I don't need to get sucked into the internet, then scramble.  If it weren't for the weather, I don't think I'd bother turning the computer on at all.

Also, I wrote 2 'letters' yesterday.  My dad made me note cards from 5 of my photographs for Christmas, and now I get to put them to good use!  hooray!

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