Friday, February 17, 2012

here we grow again!

Like I've said before, being pregnant is *very* strange.  I feel SO bizzare! 

Do you remember the growing pains in your legs when you where little?  well, I have that in my abdomen!  Still being in the first trimester I still feel worried when there crampy feeling happen.  They are sort of similar to period cramps, with out the pain.  A little like gas cramps too.  Regardless, cramps of any sort are scary during the first trimester.  Miscarriage is always on my mind (not a constant *worry* per say, but always there)

Thankfully my cousin is a trimester ahead of me, so I get to glean from her experience.  She just blogged about growing again, and what it feels like...*phew*  made me feel better.

My lower back hasn't stopped hurting.  I'm figuring it's the ligaments streeeeeching out, as stretching doesn't hel at all.  I've been practising 'standing meditation' and other correct tai chi standing while being stationary (washing dishes, at the cash or bar)  One tai chi teacher is forever correcting my pelvis tilt.  I tend to stick my bum out, where I need to be making it more flat.  This will help me immensely later on when sciatica is a concern.

And just the fact that I'm growing a *human*.  So weird!

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  1. The pelvic tilt you tend to do is actually what women are *supposed* to do. You can listen to the tai chi instructors and the yogis all you want, but you need to also understand that those exercises were developed for men by men. Women have entirely different physiology, as far as the pelvis is concerned. Flattening out your bottom is detrimental to the health of your pelvic floor, and you will always want that in good shape.

    Please bookmark this article for when you feel up to reading something about the pelvis:

    Can you point me to a resource that connects pelvic positioning in women with sciatica? I'm not familiar with this link -- I haven't had need to study it.

    *big hugs*