Friday, February 24, 2012


I'm sitting here on a super rainy/snowy grey day.  I am drinking my first coffee in 3+ months.  I have a hair appointment scheduled for noon. I wish I didn't have raised moles on my head.  I'd shave it off.  I want to be like a snake and shed this skin.  I guess I'll have to do it emotionally, rather than physically.  I'll likely go for a super short pixie cut ala Wynona or Emma.  Maybe shorter. 
All I want to do is go blow all my money and get a tattoo.
I want to go get drunk.  But I won't.  That won't make the sad go away.

Instead, I'm going to pick my camera back up (I was feeling so tired and unmotivated during pregnancy I hardly touched it), and see what I see and share it with you.

1 comment:

  1. So very glad you're shutterbugging again.
    Still reading, always reading... just quieter than intended, not wanting to intrude. A paperletter is on its way to you today.

    - D.