Saturday, February 4, 2012


you have any?  I seemed to have lost the tiny amount I had. 

I think I need to not be allowed to sit down until I do SOMETHING on my list.  This does not include knitting.

OMG!  I'm knitting a baby sweater and it's SO SMALL!  eeeee!  (guiltily, because I still have to finish my mom's Christmas socks...I'm halfway done the second sock...about to turn the heel...)

Things I need to do:
-change the sheets
-put the laundry away
-DO MORE laundry (it's been that long)
-mend pants and dress for J and Sisu

Things I'm managing to do that need to be done:
-tidying the kitchen
-cooking dinner
-picking up the clothes off the floor

Things I'm doing instead of the things that need to get done:
-knitting said baby sweater (in red with grey accents)
-watching Criminal Minds
-making marmalade that Rizo won't stomach (anyone want some extra bitter yet yummy home made marmalade?  made with pomello, lemon peel and Starbucks mango orange juice)


  1. marmalade? of course! except N won't like it. no rind for N! but *I* love marmalade. I wish I had something to trade you. books? ;)

    that sweater is so freakin' cute!

    progress here has been going well. we went to Ikea Friday night and spent lots of plastic. our bathroom is finally coming into view and we no longer need to live out of an overnight bag. (it's been two weeks! really! that's rather too long, yes?)

    still sick. I think it IS the thing you mentioned that everyone had last fall. the mucous just won't stop! it's crazy! still beating it, though. ha ha.

  2. I like how you mention things that you ARE doing in addition to what you're not doing. And I like that you note the things you're doing instead. I like it all :) and, hey, knitting a baby sweater isn't such a terrible thing to be doing now is it ;->