Thursday, February 2, 2012


I've been dreaming of Rizo.  I've had two very odd dreams, BOTH with my old friend Mr. Smith (old as in I've know him for 15 years...he's my age).

I can't remember a lot of details.  Although maybe once I start talking about them I will...

The one thing I remember about the first one is that Mr. Smith was holding me and rocking me back and forth.  I wasn't upset though.  Supposedly I was far along in my pregnancy, but I was only as 'big' as I am now.  I think we where underground.  Very low ceiling anyway, tunnel like.  He told me it was a boy as he rubbed my stomach.  I felt very safe.

In the second dream I was in labour (I have been reading birthing books before bed!).  again I was not showing, but I was full term.  I was mildly confused as to why my stomach was so flat, but I wasn't *worried*.  things are fuzzy as to where Mr. S fits in, but he was there.  all I remember was the labour slowing down, and this being upsetting.  things where starting to get frantic, and we (who??) where on St. Clair, waiting for a streetcar?? somewhere between Oakwood and Bathurst.  I woke up feeling scared.

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