Tuesday, February 21, 2012

potatoes and Twigg

I'm making potato latkes for breakfast this morning.  These are something new to me.  I made some a few months ago with success.  The reason I'm making them today is that J bought a 10 Lb bag of potatoes.  I had asked for a *small* bag.  Silly Husband.  We also have a lot of eggs.  J miscalculated the date and bought 50% off eggs that expire soon.  I see baking in my future!

Blueberry oat buns, carrot muffins (because *I* over bought carrots, even I make shopping blunders), blueberry banana bread!?  (I bought 3 giant bags of blueberries for $2.  not a mistake!)  Maybe a carrot cake for Friday.  I'm having some ladies over.  Girls night in! 

Today we see our secondary midwife for the first time.  I'm almost 3 months, and I haven't even seem my doctor yet! 

We're going to Seventh Generation.  I knew the approximate area, but I just looked it up and it's *right* across the street from my teen hangout, Bickford Park, and Twigg, our giant tree.  Man, how I wish I had a scanner, I have a bunch of photos I'd love to show you.  I might have to do the old photograph a photograph trick!  I ended up befriending a group of kids from another high school.  I went to Oakwood C.I., and they went to Harbord C.I.  Mother forgive me, but I would skip school to go hang out with Mr. Smith and his crowd.

*Those* where the days.  Anywhere from 3-12(+) 16-18 y/os hanging out under and *in* Twigg, Mr. Smith playing Canoe the guitar.  Singing, swinging, lounging on each other.  Good times. Good times.  As we would say (way back then...15 years ago!).  I think the core crowd are all 'married' with kids now.  That just blows me away.

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