Tuesday, February 21, 2012


People are already asking what we need...all the big stuff (stroller, rocking chair, high chair, car seat, bassinet) is covered, my cousin is 4 months ahead of me in her pregnancy so we'll most likely get a lot of stuff from them.  (maybe?  I wouldn't want to assume!)
We don't want things made with plastic or batteries or lead paint. 
Second hand is most welcome. 
Books books books! 
We like the colours red, teal, green and orange and aren't worried about putting a boy in pink and a girl in blue, but we will draw the line at 'forcing' a boy into a dress or something characteristically feminine. 
(I realize at 3 months he wouldn't give a rats ass what he was in, but I'd also like him to make the *choice* to be 'different' if that is indeed what he wanted, and vice versa!  this is a whole other subject though...)
I am going to look into a diaper service and would love it if people who are in the mind to get us a gift to donate to the diaper fund.
Handmades are SO welcome!
We're (or, ahem, I am) planning on breast feeding, and not using soothers (obviously things may change, but this is an ideal).
I've heard that one can never have enough cloths and flannel wraps.
I also have a pin board for Rizo  go check out the kinds of things I'm drawn to!
And really, what would ultimately be helpful, would be later aged stuff, for 6 month on...babies are easy, but the older they get, the more money one needs to spend!

I'd also like to make sure that people know that I am not fishing for gifts!  I really don't people to feel obligated!!
I give because I am moved to do so, and when you get a gift from me it is because I want to...I hope that is the same with you.

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