Sunday, February 12, 2012

feeling down

I'm feeling blue today.

I left work early because I was feeling dizzy.
That was 8:30, it's 1 pm and I'm still feeling dizzy.
I googled dizziness during pregnancy and it's normal.  My blood vessels are opening up to give Rizo more blood...but that is leaving me with less in my poor brain.
I was going to go see a friend and his band play this afternoon.  I had a shower and got dressed, but I don't think I'll be up for it.  Dizzy doesn't make for good socializing.

I'm also at the stage where, although I'm showing, the bump is just...not round and...obvious.  It's doing a number on my self esteem.  I'm looking forward to...month 5? when it's obvious I'm pregnant.

And J has been gone for the weekend and I miss him.  Hugs are very important to me. ( is J...not just for the hugs...)

And I'm crying at EVERYTHING.  Criminal Minds to Rapunzel! 

The sun is shining, I'm going to attempt a short walk to buy a steak.  And some sort of veg I suppose.


The wonderful Mr. and Mrs. MacDonald came and picked me up and brought me (and them) to the show.  I have the best friends evar.  Feeling less dizzy.  YAY!  *now* off to get the steak!

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