Tuesday, February 21, 2012


I must say, I'm torn as to where I want to have Rizo.  Part of me wants a home birth.  *most* of me wants a home birth.  But there is still that bit that thinks being is a hospital would be best.  From what I understand, using a midwife in a hospital means the midwife is in charge and it's an extra precaution in case something *does* go wrong.  I have (had?) a condition called ITP, meaning that my platelets are not stable.  Platelets are what clot your blood.  I'm not acute, and my platelet levels are high enough (although, I should *really* get to my GP and get some blood work done, no?), it is still a concern. 

Other considerations are that, as Ms. Foxes pointed out to me last night, that a factor in *her* decision was the laundry to do after!  I have no doubt that I will not be the one doing it, but...it *is* a consideration!

anywho, we still have some time, and the midwives to chat with.

Pluses on Sunnybrook:

I can have J and a secondary support person, who aren't considered visitors.
They have a BATHTUB!  and rooms with a 3 sided tub for water births
The birth rooms are private and have a lounge and a reclining chair.

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