Wednesday, February 8, 2012


I *finally* guilted more friends to give me their mailing addresses. 
I guess I never asked anyone specifically, but I always have jumped at the chance to get snail I thought that my first request would garner better results...

Third time's a charm.  Third time cheating and going on facebook and whining about how I miss everyone!  ha ha.  Those trips back *did* show me that I'm not missing much...I don't *really* need to know most of the things people post.  I'm sure I'm missing good music...and news.  I know nothing now.  The world would have ended and I may not know...'cause Starbucks would stay open...they always do.

Like I said a couple posts ago, I have lost my motivation.  Rizo must have taken it to keep growing.   I was hoping that staying off Facebook would help more...but Pinterest has taken over that spot some.  That and knitting while watching Criminal minds...poor Rizo...should I be watching something 'nicer'?

Or I really *should* (fuck you should) be writing letters because that is *why* I got off the Facebook in the first place.  I just sent out my first week Monday, and wrote 2 this morning.  I'm not *really* slacking, the goal on month of letters is 24, one each mailing day.  The one stat. holiday and the weekends don't count.

I bought some recycled envelopes the other day, which is why it took me a week to get out my first weeks worth.  The note cards my dad made me didn't come with envelopes (thanks dad...sheesh.)

It's really interesting writing, because I always feel stumped at that blank space.  How will I ever fill that up!?  I've been on and off writing to my grandparents for years, and Grandma told my dad that she enjoys my letters because they are so chatty.  I try and write a one sided conversation to her.  not just what is going on, but observations and such.  So far the letters to my friends have been on the shorter side.  Note cards aren't very big. I'm also so used to them knowing, or at least I'm used to putting everything on Facebook, so I assume they know.  I'm also feeling shy.  A little self conscious.  I've bullied you into giving me your address and as Cory MacDonald said...Make it good!

I hope this becomes successful and continues!  I hate the phone, so maybe opening up on paper will help me open up on the phone too!

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  1. I'm still not a phone person either, and I'm intrigued by this idea of yours. It has so much appeal, but, I can't stand my handwriting, lol - it wasn't ever great to begin with and lack of practice has made it worse. And if I try to make it more neat it takes so long my brain has already zipped on ahead with the next thought to discuss and is *very* impatient with the hand holding the pen! ;)

    Whenever I'm away from Farcebook I find I don't miss it - as you say, it's rare to find 'real' updates from folks.

    Anyway, weren't we supposed to do lunch? ;)

    Tan :)