Tuesday, October 18, 2016


Bunny is 2 years and 9 months (on the 25th).  We're breastfeeding morning, noon and night, or, when we wake up, nurse to sleep for nap, and nurse before lights out, not to sleep at bedtime.
My first breastfeeding goal was at the very least a year, then at least 2 years.  I felt happy with 2 because World Health Organization suggests 2 years and beyond is beneficial.  There unfortunately is little to no information about breastfeeding past 2 years. (and no, Breastfeeding at night does NOT cause cavities, food left in the mouth causes cavities).
So we've surpassed that goal by 9 months.  No one was ready on his second birthday.  I've been slowly feeling ready to wean.  I'm just done.  I feel a bit resentful and physically uncomfortable.  I knew I also needed to take Bunny's feelings into consideration.  It's all he's known.  Thankfully Dada has taken over at least 2 naps/week, and w few nights too.  So we know Bunny can sleep with out me. 
So recently I've been thinking on how the heck I can do this as gently as possible.  La Leche League suggests an approach of "don't offer, don't refuse.".  Other advice I've heard is to start a strict schedule if you have been nursing on demand (Like I had been).  So I combined the 2!  I've started a don't offer, don't refuse, during morning noon and night, and refusing all other times.  Ie."it's not mommy milk time right now.  It's not nap/bed time" and not offering at nap and bed and waiting for him to ask.  I have added one caveat, and that is if he gets really sick or hurt. My antibodies, quick nutrition, and breastmilk can also act as a mild analgesic, not to mention comfort. 
We're going slow and gentle to keep my hormones as stable as possible. 
I haven't nursed in 14 hours.  My breasts hurt!  I'm feeling a little sad, but mostly relieved.

Friday, September 23, 2016

New career

I just signed up for a postpartum doula course with Doula Training Canada!

Before I gave birth I was considering being a birth doula.  Well, at the moment, I don't have to constitution for it.  The intensity, the blood, the really odd not consistent hours, the blood.  Did I mention the possibility of blood?  I can talk about, and deal with my own.  I'm terrified for the day Bunny gets a gash.  But talk about or show me blood.  nerp.  So that was out.  Maybe one day I might feel passionate enough about it to try.  But I doubt it.
So with my own postpartum I found out there where women who helped families postpartum.  Educated them, helped with baby care, help with household care, helped with spouse and sibling integration, and 'mothered the mother' as they say. 

Doula Canada also has a birth educator course, and for months now I've been trying to decide what to do first.  I went with Postpartum Doula because.  I don't know.  I just did.  I want to do both, and I will. 

So, are you having a baby in 2017??  give me a ping!  I can help.  I'll need hours helping families.

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

no yelling - anticipation

A mixed bag so far.  Almost 3 weeks in.  Half yelling, half not.  And a whole week no yelling!  wot!?  Anger yes.  Rage whispering yes.  But no screaming. 

So I find myself being most angry when I haven't anticipated that he'll have a melt down. 
Or when I'm in pain.  I have absolutely no patience when I have a headache or joint pain or feel queasy.

I have a mild migraine right now, so I'll sign off.  I have more to talk about, but wanted to do a quick update.

Friday, September 2, 2016

and back to 0

No yelling update. Back to 0. Got through day one, but had (unrelated?) nightmares and woke up grumpy and had a hard, hard time. Janet Lansbury re-posted an article on her Facebook page about staying unruffled. Unruffled will be my new word. Water off a ducks back. Easier said than done. I'm also finding yelling isn't my only problem.  I guess anger is my problem.  I don't always yell, but sometime don't act very nicely. And that's why I;m doing this challenge.  To become more mindful. 

Thursday, September 1, 2016

Orange Rhino Challenge (ie. no yelling)

I've been finding myself yelling, shouting and sometimes even screaming at Bunny for no good reason at all (good reasons include: Safety, and, um, safety). 
I want to stop. 
I decided a week or so ago to try the Orange Rhino Challenge.  TORC was started by a mom, with no official background in child education or psychology.  She just knew she wanted, or needed, to stop yelling.
First I spent the time before Sept. 1 thinking about when I yelled, and why.  What are my triggers?  What makes me steamy?
For me it's not making messes, being loud or displaying emotion.  It's being defiant. 
"DUDE!  JUST DO WHAT I'M ASKING!" is the typical thing that comes out. 

So my end goal is 365 days not yelling.  That's really just a visual.  Something to track.  My real goal is to be conscious.  Conscious of my emotions and how I express them. 

When I yell, I go to day 0 again.

I'm still thinking about exactly what my barometer will be.  TOR (The Orange Rhino, she decided to stay anonymous) has a Yelling Meter and her own set of rules.  I'll need to figure out exactly what my rules are.

So far today has been good.  Came close a few times.  Somewhere between a 3 and 4.  I'm also in a good mood, so that helps.  Give me a few weeks when my cycle changes *ahem*.  My diet also effects how I feel.  Wheat makes me angry.  Too much sugar makes my joints hurt, and I feel grumpy.  I need to make sure I sleep.  I'm also tracking how often I do yoga.  Aiming for 28 days morning and night.

I'm going to try to set up a tracker here to keep accountable!

Monday, August 1, 2016


Now that Bunny is talking like a maniac, trying to put sentences together, I'm more careful than ever about the way I use words.
And I'm going to set one thing straight.  I swear in front of him.  I don't name call, but, well, I have a potty mouth.  I've curbed it some, but when I'm mad a 'fuck' and 'shit' come out.  and that's ok.  But that's not what I'm talking about here. 
I'm talking about being intentional about how I phrase things. 
I say fire fighter, mail carrier, police officer, garbage collector, backhoe operator, *whatever* worker/driver/person over ending all of those with 'man'.  Sure, most of them are men, but I'm trying to be inclusive.
I try to narrate what he's doing, rather than over praising.  "wow!  you got to the top!!  Look at that!".  "Are you cleaning the table?  That is a kind thing to do.",  rather than so many "GOOD JOB!"s. 
I'm careful with how I say 'no' and 'stop'.  Reversing it if you will.  "slow feet", "soft voice", "gentle hands".  Although stop and no come out a lot.
The intentional speech that made me think about writing this is using the word thoughtful.  Mostly in the place of helpful.  Because, lets be real.  2.5 year olds are not often actually helpful.  He does try though.  I want to make it clear that I notice, and make it clear when he really *is* being helpful.  Because there are a few tasks he does that is helpful.  Putting laundry in, or out of, the dryer.  Wiping up pee accidents.  Opening doors. 
I also use the word kind.  I don't tell him he is kind (even though he is).  I tell him he is being kind.  That what he is doing is a kind action.  I also say the opposite.  Than an action is unkind.
Any thing you are intentional about saying?

Sunday, June 19, 2016

New things to come?

So I may have spoken too soon about starting up again!
We just got J's new schedule. 
He is guaranteed 8 shifts/month (yes...you read that right, per month.  that is our budget)
He generally is given a few more to cover peoples days off. 
July he has 23 days scheduled.  Almost 3 times as many.  No weekends off.  His one scheduled day off is Thursday, where he works at the massage clinic.  Across town.  So, 27 days.  He has Mondays off. 
The kicker?  I started a part time job.  He watches Lionel while I work.  I come home 5 minutes before he leaves for work. 

Any tips for avoiding burn out!?

So.  I may not be here much.  I'll be needing this down time for making sure the household is running smoothly.  And, well, maybe napping.