Tuesday, October 18, 2016


Bunny is 2 years and 9 months (on the 25th).  We're breastfeeding morning, noon and night, or, when we wake up, nurse to sleep for nap, and nurse before lights out, not to sleep at bedtime.
My first breastfeeding goal was at the very least a year, then at least 2 years.  I felt happy with 2 because World Health Organization suggests 2 years and beyond is beneficial.  There unfortunately is little to no information about breastfeeding past 2 years. (and no, Breastfeeding at night does NOT cause cavities, food left in the mouth causes cavities).
So we've surpassed that goal by 9 months.  No one was ready on his second birthday.  I've been slowly feeling ready to wean.  I'm just done.  I feel a bit resentful and physically uncomfortable.  I knew I also needed to take Bunny's feelings into consideration.  It's all he's known.  Thankfully Dada has taken over at least 2 naps/week, and w few nights too.  So we know Bunny can sleep with out me. 
So recently I've been thinking on how the heck I can do this as gently as possible.  La Leche League suggests an approach of "don't offer, don't refuse.".  Other advice I've heard is to start a strict schedule if you have been nursing on demand (Like I had been).  So I combined the 2!  I've started a don't offer, don't refuse, during morning noon and night, and refusing all other times.  Ie."it's not mommy milk time right now.  It's not nap/bed time" and not offering at nap and bed and waiting for him to ask.  I have added one caveat, and that is if he gets really sick or hurt. My antibodies, quick nutrition, and breastmilk can also act as a mild analgesic, not to mention comfort. 
We're going slow and gentle to keep my hormones as stable as possible. 
I haven't nursed in 14 hours.  My breasts hurt!  I'm feeling a little sad, but mostly relieved.

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