Friday, April 8, 2011

1000 thanks

A friend just posted on the facebook a challenge.
40 days of 25 things you are thankful for.

I have a feeling this might help with mindfulness, and living in the moment, and being less grumpy!
here it goes!

25 things I'm thankful/grateful/happy about today:
-the gorgeous sunrise this morning
-feeling great 2 days after my concussion
-my awesome roommates singing (thanks North!  I don't know *what* you are singing, but hearing it muffled though the floor made me smile)
-not having to work with Asshat
-being pleasantly surprised at how well new Kid worked.
-this website
-having dinner made for me
-having dinner be SO yummy
-getting 2 jobs done quicker than we thought, and finishing site 5 so we don't have to do it tomorrow
-being thanks by Boss
-having J give me a massage
-having J 'let' me watch X files
-cuddling with J on the couch while watching X files
-cleaning up all the leaves and seeing little purple hosta shoots
-people complementing my photography and blog posts
-friends getting into school
-the sun coming out at the end of the day to make it that much easier to do 10 hours
-cute people
-the pussy willows on my table flowering
-organic oranged
-knowing I can help a friend by buying a photograph
-the fact that Friday *means* something now that I'm working
-my pink toe nails that make me feel feminine when otherwise looking masculine
-a friend having the courage to speak about an abusive relationship

So, lets have it...what are you happy about today??

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