Friday, April 22, 2011

Becca Stitches!?

I've been doin more on the talking side than the making side lately.  I do have a project on my needles, but it's slow going. 
I suppose it's because I'm back at work full time.  I'd like to schedule more time for *just* me.  It's proving to be hard.  Hard not to just veg right out when I get home.  The past 3 weeks back at work have been *easy* too! 

My work days are long ones.  I'm expected to be available from 7:30-5:30, that's 10 hours!  I had posted my daily schedule a few weeks back.  Boy has that gone down the tubes!  HEH.  I'm going to tweak it, and try again.  I was really enjoying doing the morning pages, but I found that even the act of swooshing oil in my mouth was too distracting.  I think I'm going to only do morning pages on the weekend.  I haven't been exercising either.  Well, I'll get back at it this week.  That along with my meal planning!  eeep.

I haven't been taking a lot of photographs either.  I'm not really sure what to do about that.  I have a back log of photos to edit. 

I've been finding my 1000 thanks interesting and challenging.  it has been keeping me mindful during the day for things that make me thankful/happy.  Once the challenge is over I might make it a Sunday thing, and try for 50 a week.

the house work has sadly fallen to the wayside.  I've been reading the Little House Books, and one of Ma's mantras is:

Wash on Monday
Iron on Tuesday
Mend on Wednesday
Churn on Thursday
Clean on Friday
Bake on Saturday
Rest on Sunday

obviously this exact thing won't work for me, but I'd like to do something similar.  get me on track to keeping things...on track...

Do you have a system?  does it work for you??

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