Sunday, April 17, 2011

yesterdays thanks

I was up crazy late the last two nights.  here are yesterdays thanks!

-Hair cut!
-having a friend as my hair dresser is great, esp. when talking about life...
-extra big hugs
-being so happy for others
-poprocks in my heart chakra
-(temprorary) pink hair
-long streetcar rides
-CBC podcasts
-not getting sick from sushi
-laughing at roommate not being up when I got home at 1:30
-coffee with honey
-going out for the SECOND night in a row
-getting complemented on my Animal Patrol outfit (high waisted, curvy black skirt, white button up shirt (tucked) small brown button up vest, fedora)
-feeling a part of a cumunity.
-feeling the love of my community when life gets tough
-a mini rainbow umbrella for Edith from D
-hugs hugs and more hugs
-loosing my voice singing Bohemian Rhapsody and Jane Says
-planning a day to make someone who doesn't believe people like them to prove that people do (sorry for being cryptic!)
-getting one of the photos I bought from a friend
-having a good time planning costume with North
-feeling lighter and happier
-having people notice I feel lighter and happier (Saturday and Friday)

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