Tuesday, April 12, 2011

101-125 thanks

ok...now, today...might be harder!  I'm feeling rather grumpy.

-not working until 9:30
-The truck being packed when I got to work (early)
-watching a butterfly and bee feed.
-the bee reminded me of Kiki, because it's cargo pockets where full of pollen
-having a good conversation with the Kid about music and BC
-working near second cup, so I could pee in a washroom and buy a pink grapefruit italian soda
-pruning boxwood with boss not critisizing
-being greeted by a sweet old lady cat
-having a bath with no loud fan running
-finding out that a customers mean neighbour has moved, making her life a little easier
-hot salami
-my favorite crackers
-bagels I can eat
-getting a back rub and cuddling with J when I feel so grumpy
-having dinner made for me again!
-forbidden chocolate chip cookies
-the sun was great today!
-thinking about what to plant in my moms garden
-recognizing my feelings of annoyance and allowing it, and turning it into compassion
-finding a great blog entry about what I've been trying to live
-a nice wake up
-my pink toes
-laughing together about the big debate

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