Friday, April 22, 2011


I had anticipated that today would be sucky.  I went with J to his moms to help her get ready for Easter.  She likes to be overly prepared, and get things done a head of time, so rather than getting there super early Sunday, we went today, we also planned to help her clean.  We where being rather negative, and not compassionate on our way there.  And so, our predictions came true.  and we where all miserable.  I was miserable enough to smoke!  and then I remembered to have kindness and compassion for her.  She has her reasons for acting the way she does, who am I to judge that.  That realization made 'dealing' with her easier on my part, and I think it made everyone else feel a little more at ease too.

today I am thankful/happy for:
-waking up together
-chatting in bed
-our 'new' water heater that can handle 2 baths and a shower
-'stolen' coffee
-a mixed blessing
-laughing at the fact we thought North had already left, and we had already reverted back to old habits of dress, or un-dress as it may be
-having home made cards on hand for J's Dad and Aunt
-our trip up being fairly quick, despite "injury at track level' delay
-sesame snaps and chuppa chups
-good travel conversation
-remembering to be compassionate, and having it 'work'
-being asked gardening advice
-being thought of food wise
-feeding the birds
-seeing a groundhog with MIL
-listening with non judgement (or reminding myself every few seconds that's what I aught to be doing...)
-a drive home
-an extra big hug
-junk food
-being excited to do laundry because I made soap nut liquid
-being inspired by a friend on only buying 'single ingredient food'
-stinky cheese
-coming to a decision
-enjoying having my angels around (a friend sent 3 angels my way, to send on to others.  I gave them a request, and so's working!  Placebo or real angels who knows...I don't care!)
-J's done school and passed!

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