Saturday, April 30, 2011


it amazes me how amazingly bad one day can be, and how amazingly awesome the next is.

today I am happy/thankful for:

-beautiful sunrise
-a marriage (I didn't watch the Royal wedding, but 2 people getting married is always a nice thing to be happy about)
-remembering to be present in the face to a co-worker
-remembering to accept the feelings as they come
-remembering *it's Friday!*
-standing a foot away from a preening chickadee
-solitude to work hard
-leftovers for lunch
-interesting conversation
-can I say organic oranges AGAIN
-once again, ending the day as it starts to rain
-phone call from Jrock with invitation to see a sitar and cello concert
-being blasted though and through by the cello...I cried
-remembering that this too shall pass, and just being in the moment during the concert
-finally officially MEETING Khat after hearing all the wonderful things about her!
-chatting with Khat and Jrock before the concert
-brown rice green tea
-quick ride home
-getting some photo editing done
-baby at the restaurant
-sleeping boy at the concert
-dressing nice
-being able to but the CD so I can listen to the beautiful music any time
-cowboy boots

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