Tuesday, April 19, 2011


25 more things that I am thankful for and/or made me happy today

-sleeping in
-having a lazy morning at work
-tea from client
-taking the opportunity of time waiting to meditate
-listening to hip hop on CBC
-being alone at work
-the sun coming out again
-witnessing children br children when the think no one is watching
-having it start to rain *just* as we finished
-the hope of a rain day tomorrow
-coming home after a hard afternoon
-hat bath
-the offer of dinner being made
-surprise Mado's sauce (just when I was thinking I'd like some for the chicken!)
-yum dinner
-leftovers for lunch
-visit from a robin
-lovely notes from friends
-new possibilities
-new computer!
-watching '9' on the TV rather than the laptop
-eating dinner with the TV off
-the amazing beuaty in the movie '9'/  the monsters especially are so inventive
-blooming hibiscus
-4 day work week

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