Tuesday, April 26, 2011


I did *nothing* today...
but here I go!

-getting up early and going back to bed
-waking up with J (we like that)
-laying in bed letting the mind go
-rain day
-catching up on editing photos
-being really pleased with them
-getting to re live the night
-chocolate for breakfast
-having J tell me not to worry about doing anything...take it as a rain day
-making black bean porridge
-Birds singing during the breaks in rain
-MORE X-files
-feeling ok about a lazy day
-feeling good about how well my *very* soiled work pants got clean with the soap berries
-chocolate for lunch
-getting excited for hooping out side
-finding communication exercise that sounds like it will work
-yoga pants all day
-cbc radio
-kd Lang
-facebook (yes, really)
-contemplating selling photographs
-reading over all my thanks
-kisses and squeezes from J

what is this?

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