Monday, April 25, 2011


lets have another go at 326-350!

thanks I'm thankful/happy for on the cold wet Monday!

-Sunny warm morning
-working though and accepting anxiety attack
-getting to work on time
-singing birds
-lazy moring chatting and napping in the truck
-cold corn pudding
-organic oranges
-seeing a mourning dove couple and BABY
-seeing a mourning dove couple making a nest
-cardinal couple
-robins (couple?)
-happy dog
-wheel barrowing (I like it!)
-joking with the boys
-remebering other happy moments this weekend
-back handed complement
-seeing mommy
-sushi dinner
-knowing 90% that I don't work tomorrow, and that a long day today kinda makes up for it
-getting the scoop from mommy
-red bean icecream
-leftovers mean fried rice for dinner tomorrw
-the show "shit my dad says"  (so bad, so good)
-No 'poo!  I love my hair!

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