Sunday, April 17, 2011


today might be hard because I haven't been up that long, and haven't done much today!  Lets have at it!

-waking up whenever I want/do
-feeling the after glow of an amazing weekend
-eating breakfast with North (J is at his moms BTW, this weekend 'thanks' have been heavy with North...but that's 'cause he's around!  yay)
-Cute kids in the grocery store
-organic jelly beans
-Preloved having a sale
-feeling like buying something and buying it!
-the friendly cashiers at the big carrot
-going to Alchemy and buying a skirt and dress, ON SALE
-cleaning the kitchen
-doing laundry (yes, I'm thankful I did those two things!)
-The heart drawn in the condensation at Broadview Espresso
-eating and watching TV...with
-the sun coming out in the late afternoon
-an e-mail from J
-seeing photos from the event I attended last night
-happy store clerks
-two french ladies talking
-home made soup
-gifted corn chips
-soap nuts!
-bulk honey

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