Wednesday, April 27, 2011

here comes the second half of my blog title. *sigh*

If someone says 'brunch', you guess that brunch will start around:

1:30ish (heavy on the ish)

even (especially) on a Sunday.

If I say, 'You are invited for dinner.  Dinner is around 6'
(you accept and) you show up at:


This rant is brought to you by the letters...wait...never mind.  That would be RUDE.

I'm not much of a party-er.  I generally opt for dinner parties or brunch.  Last time I had people over, I vowed not to bother anymore.  It always seems to be a bother to people to show up on time.  Even when my expectations are low.  I stopped getting things ready early, and just putter around.  I *still* end up waiting.  It's SO disheartening.

Don't we have any concept of etiquette anymore?

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