Thursday, April 7, 2011

the good, the bad and the medical

The Good:
I'm not dead!  wait...let me back track to
The Bad:
I am pretty sure I had a concussion yesterday.  At work I was pulling down some old clematis vines on a pergola, and a large rotted finial came crashing down on my head.  It was solid wood 4x4, about 10 inches tall.  not fun.  No blood, no lost time.  I didn't black out.  But early on, my pupils didn't dilate, and I was dizzy.  Thank goodness J is training to be a nurse.  He chastised me for not going to the hospital (I wonder if *he* would have!).  I stayed up for about 10 hours (supposed to be 12...)  I woke up several times on my own and spoke out loud.  I woke up mildly dizzy. 
I had a doctors appointment today for a follow up on previous test for abdominal pain a month ago.  An aside to that, was that my platelets are low.  Not in the danger zone (lower than 100 is danger, a month ago I was at 118), but enough of a concern especially that combined with a flipping concussion!  oi.  I'm staying home today.  Not on doctors orders, but because I feel like it.  Heh.  I decided I deserved a day off due to concussion, as if I haven't been off for the last 4 months!  My head and neck *are* killing me, and my doc. recommended I didn't take anything *because* my platelets are low and with my concussion it's not great in case something gets worse.

The Medical:
The abdominal pain a month ago was due to ovarian cysts!  or, one bursting anyway.  I didn't put that in the bad (or good ha ha) because they are common and not dangerous for someone my age.  And It's a bit of a relief because it hurt *so* much I thought my intestines where going to burst.  She said it won't effect Project MakeBaby.  I'm going to do a little more research, because I'm feeling it a little again today...(before she told me!)  I wonder if cysts happen at ovulation due to hormones.  I also wonder if this hasn't been the cause of my pain all along.  I have been diagnosed with IBS, and my BMs would concur with that.  I've always had tummy troubles, especially in regards to my stress levels/moods.  But the *pain*.  I wonder if the few ultrasounds I've had have missed them.  My old doctor didn't even suggest that it's what they could be (even though a couple friends and my MIL have!).

back to The Good:
I'm alive, even though my head hurts.

It turns out my head *did* get cut!  I was feeling my lump and I have a scab.  I guess my platelets aren't too low, and the cut wasn't too big.  I really should have gone to the hospital.  oh well.

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  1. glad you're alive. yah, the ultrasounds can miss cysts cuz most ovarian cysts come and go with your cycle. nice of you to take the day off. you deserve it with the head bonk.