Sunday, April 10, 2011

the weekly menu

Now that I'm back at work I really need to know what we're making for dinner during the week so I can fill out our organic box order on the weekend when I'm off.

Kelly at Becoming Crunchy has been posting her weekly menu, so I though I'd get on the band wagon and do so too!  if I remember, I'll even take some photos and post recipes!

this week we're eating:

Monday: home made macauli and cheese.  (that would be macaroni and cheese and cauliflower)
Tuesday: "Thai" pork soup.
Wednesday: Roasted vegetables, from Crazy Plates
Thursday: Veg. curry...home made including the curry powder!
Friday:  Jason will be off picking up his Pickle, so I'll probably eat leftovers
Saturday: Roast chicken with *something* from St Lawrence farmers market.
Sunday:  not really sure.  sometimes Pickle stays for dinner, and sometimes he doesn't...*shrug*

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