Thursday, April 28, 2011


25 things that made me happy/thankful today:

-pretty sunrise
-not rushing
-multi tasking
-quick mainteneance
-short day
-seeing all the changed from last week
-hosta leaves unfuling
-strong boys
-crazy fast clouds
-sunny breaks
-warm bath
-clean pjs
-beef stirfry
-no name onion rings
-a husband who lurves me
-organic produce
-that ass isn't in spell check (ok, that niether makes me thankful or happy persay...but it makes me giggle)
-movies that make me cry
-good 'n' plentys
-it's almost the weekend
-warmer days
-the internets
-bumble bees
-stinky cheese

is it weird that a lot of my thanks goes to food??

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