Sunday, April 24, 2011


Family Easter went longer than expected!  I didn't even turn on the computer last night. 
Here are Saturdays things that make me thankful/happy:

-St. Lawrence Market
-the weather report saying it is going to be 18oC
-expensive stinky cheese
-Peameal bacon on a kaiser rol
-cello busker
-super friendly George from the organic food stand at the north market
-AMBER (dark) maple syrup
-watching a mom and her two sons
-helping out
-chatting on the streetcar
-a few new shirts
-noticing more
-having a metropass
-being too hot out side in all my layers
-wearing a skirt
-wearing a skirt with no tights!
-being complemented on skirt
-having my Aunty Mary read my blog regularly (Hi Mary!)
-seeing my Aunt Margaret's *joy* at their new house/community
-Making 'plans' with Uncle Paul to go to Burning  Man
-Realizing that one of Paul's Favourite web sites is Site 3, of whom I know a handful of people, and how much he wants to go check stuff out!  (I did a clown turn at their Heart Machine fundraiser!)  SMALL FREAKIN WORLD
-hearing cousin Bobaloo, say "HEY, don't mess with my sister!"
-walking to the lake
-seeing my family SO excited and supportive about an upcoming wedding

wow, that was an easy one. love family days.

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