Monday, April 11, 2011

76-100 thanks

Today shouldn't prove to be too hard after all!  I was worried a work day would prove to be boring and thankless.

-remembering that riverdale has a bathroom and it was closer than tim hortons (NEWBORN LAMBS!)
-no thunderstorm
-not having to work until 9:30
-once again, being praised
-seeing Z leaving Riverdale (she saw the new born lambs too!!!)
-remembering my i pod
-stoping for lunch near the big carrot where I can eat things they sell
-making a friend laugh instead of cry
-being mindful
-the wind
-starting late and finishing early, and *still* working almost an 8 hour shift
-the internet, being able to learn a bout a city we might want to live in
-Tulips from J
-J recommending we go to Snakes and Lattes with Pickle and MIL
-realizing I don't have to make dinner tomorrow either!
-making progress in 'leaning into' uncomfortable feelings.
-wearing a t-shirt and wishing I had shorts on
-seeing knitting come together
-the offer of perogies
-the X files
-getting to stay up "late" because I don't have to be at work until 9:30 again!

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