Saturday, April 9, 2011

26-50 thankfulness

Actually, I did 26 this is really 27-51

-Sunny Saturday mornings in my chair by the window
-the internet for giving me the ability to troll friend FB and see them, even when they are across the country
-sleeping in
-pate.  I love liverwurst!
-being content working on a Saturday because the weather is GORGEOUS
-taking off layers
-cutting down old perennials and finding new fussy babies growing
-the fact that a lot of new shoots growing are fuzzy!
-the sun just beating down on my back
-the smell of turned earth
-singing birds
-the sound of children playing on the first 'hot' day of the season
-I think I saw a bee!
-earning money
-finishing kitting for mommy
-starting new project I've wanted to do for a while
-Jason sharing his Good and Plenty's
-talking to mommy
-having Psquared call me to see if I wanted a lift
-prophetic dreams...even when scary
-books lent from friends
-Pema Chodron
-days off

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